"ENTSO-E "Easy to perform cross border electricity activities"

"ENTSO-E "Easy to perform cross border electricity activities"
17 Temmuz 2021 - 22:57
Energy news from Turkey...  ENTSO-E 'Easy to perform cross border electricity activities'

Ali Erman Aytac, General Manager of Limak Uludag Energy

Does the Turkish electricity sector have a connection with foreign electricity markets? For example, are there any practices that we have received from them or they have received from us?

 With the EU adapation period, TEİAŞ became a member of the network that called ENTSO-E (European Transmission System Operators).Therefore, obligations of the network are implemented by whole participants in this context. Due to this membership of our country, the frequency quality of our transmission grid provides service in EU Standards, so we have a system totally integrated with Europe. Thanks to this formation, both the European quality standard was achieved and the ease of importing and exporting electricity was provided. In view of the commercial opportunities that will arise at the point of export and import, electricity transmission can be easily performed between the countries included in this system."

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