Energy news from Turkey

Energy news from Turkey
15 Temmuz 2021 - 00:05
Energy news from Turkey...

Energy Market Regulatory Authority - 2020 Activity Report

- ENERGY MARKET REGULATORY AUTHORITY: Information about the duties, powers and responsibilities of the Authority and the structure of the Authority are included.


Authority/EMRA: Energy Market Regulatory Authority
BİMER: Prime Ministry Communication Center
Board: Energy Market Regulatory Board
BOTAŞ: Turkish Petroleum Pipeline Company
BSEC: Black Sea Economic Cooperation
CA: Competition Authority
CİMER: Presidency Communication Center
CNG: Compressed Natural Gas
CPI: Consumer Price Index
EBİS: Electronic Notification System
EBYS: Electronic Document Management System
EGE-PAL: Ege University – Petroleum Exploration Laboratory
ENTSO-E: European Network of Transmission System Operators
EPARS: Energy Market Analysis and Reporting System
EPİAŞ: Energy Exchange Istanbul
EPVYS: Energy Market Database Management System
ERRA: Energy Regulators Regional Association
EU: European Union
ICER: International Confederation of Energy Regulators
IEA: International Energy Authority
IPA: EU-Turkey Financial Cooperation İnstrument for Pre-Accession
ISMS: Information Security Management System
İNÖNÜ-PAL: İnönü University – Petroleum Exploration Laboratory
KEP: Registered Electronic Mail
KTÜ-YUAM: Black Sea Technical University- Fuel İmplementations and Research Center
LNG: Liquefied Natural Gas
LPG: Liquefied Petroleum Gases
LV: Low Voltage
MEDREG: Association for Mediterranean Energy Regulators
Ministry/ MENR: Ministry of Energy and Naturel Resources
MV: Medium Voltage
NM: National Marker
OECD: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OIZ: Organized İndustrial Zone
PPI: Producer Price Index
SOME: Cyber Incidents Response Team
TBMM: Grand National Assembly of Turkey
TEİAŞ: Turkish Electricity Transmission Company
TETAŞ: Turkish Electricity Trade and Contracting Company
TÜBİTAK: Turkish Scientific and Technologic Research Council
TÜPRAŞ: Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corporation
UGETAM: İstanbul Applied Gas and Energy Technologies Research Engineering Industry Trade Inc.

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